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    Wilson & Morgan: An Insight into a Renowned Whisky Bottler

    Wilson & Morgan, an independent whisky bottler from Italy, has been known since 1992 for its fine selection of rare Scotch Malt Whiskies. The company specializes in Single Malts that age between 10 and 30 years and are sometimes finished in Port, Rum, or Marsala casks. These meticulously selected malts are then delivered worldwide to discerning consumers, including selected Michelin-starred restaurants and wine and gourmet shops.

    History and Origin of Wilson & Morgan

    The history of Wilson & Morgan is closely linked with the Venetian Rossi family. In the 1920s, wine and oil trader Giuseppe Rossi, the grandfather of current chairman Fabio Rossi, moved from Venice to Treviso. After World War II, his son Mario expanded the business and began importing whisky from Scotland in the 1960s. Initially, mainly blended whiskies were imported until the demand for more sophisticated flavor profiles led to the introduction of Single Malts.

    Philosophy and Craftsmanship

    The philosophy of Wilson & Morgan is based on the careful selection and personal assessment of each cask bottling by Fabio Rossi. Rossi, who studied the art of winemaking in Conegliano, uses his extensive knowledge and refined palate to select the best casks. This precision and trust in his own taste make Wilson & Morgan an outstanding choice for lovers of fine and rare Single Malts.

    The Range of Wilson & Morgan

    Wilson & Morgan offers a wide range of whiskies from various regions of Scotland. These whiskies age between 10 and 30 years and often benefit from a finishing period in special casks such as Port, Rum, or Marsala casks. This practice imparts additional depth and complexity to the whiskies, which is highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Particularly noteworthy are the limited editions, which are offered in selected Michelin-starred restaurants and wine and gourmet shops worldwide.

    Exclusive Bottlings and Rarities

    Part of Wilson & Morgan's range includes exclusive bottlings from rare casks, available in limited quantities. These whiskies are distinguished by their high quality and complexity and are valued by collectors and connoisseurs for their uniqueness. Finishing in various cask types, such as Port, Rum, or Marsala casks, creates a diverse array of flavors and nuances that make each whisky unique.