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    The Kurayoshi Distillery, founded by Matsui Shuzo, is located in the city of Kurayoshi in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The distillery has become known for producing high-quality Japanese whiskies, recognized both locally and internationally. The distillery utilizes fresh, mineral-rich water from the nearby Mount Daisen, which significantly contributes to the quality of its whiskies.

    Matsui Shuzo, the company behind the Kurayoshi Distillery, has a long history in producing sake and shochu, dating back to 1910. Whisky production officially began in 2015, and distillation at the Kurayoshi Distillery started in 2017. The distillery uses a combination of Japanese copper pot stills and Portuguese alembic pot stills to produce their whiskies.

    The whiskies from the Kurayoshi Distillery are distinguished by their maturation in various types of casks, including American white oak, sherry casks, and the rare Mizunara oak casks, which impart a unique flavor to the whiskies. An example is the Matsui Mizunara Cask, known for its complexity and depth, matured in Mizunara oak casks.

    Among the most renowned releases are the Kurayoshi Pure Malt, available in different age statements such as 8, 12, and 18 years, as well as the Matsui Sakura Cask, aged in cherry wood casks and appreciated for its floral and fruity notes. These releases have gained global recognition and numerous awards, highlighting the distillery's commitment to excellence.