Collection Benromach - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Benromach is a traditional Speyside distillery owned by a family of whiskey lovers keen to make single malt the right way with real character.

A handful of distillers rely on their expertise and senses to craft the finest handcrafted whisky; Speyside Single Malt matured exclusively in first fill casks and has a subtly smoky character. It only takes four ingredients - barley, water, yeast and human instinct.

All casks are filled by hand, individually weighed, stenciled by hand and stored in traditional dunnage warehouses. And why? Because at Benromach we believe that making whiskey by hand guarantees real character.

The Benromach Distillery was founded in 1898 in Forres, Scotland.

The family, the Urquharts of Elgin, have always been passionate about whiskey. Our ancestor John started bottling casks of single malt at various distilleries in 1915 when everyone else was blending their whiskeys.

When they acquired the Benromach Distillery in 1993, a long-cherished dream came true. Five years of meticulous remodeling followed before HRH Prince Charles officially reopened our doors in 1998.

This time has been well used to create a single malt reminiscent of the pre-commercial malting days. A time when Speyside distilleries malted their own barley and used peat to stoke the fires and give their whiskeys a distinctive touch of smoke. The resurgence of Benromach Distillery meant the rediscovery of a lost style of Speyside single malt.