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    Nestled in the historic town of Annan in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, Annandale Distillery stands as a proud revival of Single Malt Scotch Whisky craftsmanship. Founded in 1836 by George Donald and later acquired by Johnnie Walker in 1893, the distillery was dormant from 1924 until its remarkable resurrection in 2007 by the Annandale Distillery Company, owned by Prof. David Thomson and Teresa Church.

    The reopening of Annandale Distillery in November 2014, marked by the launch of its Visitor Centre, signaled a new era in Scotch whisky production. The distillery made headlines with its first cask of unpeated whisky, offered at a staggering price of £1 million, showcasing its commitment to exceptional quality and exclusivity.

    In June 2018, Annandale Distillery released its first bottling, selecting twenty production casks from 2014. The distillery's Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whiskies are distinguished by two unique expressions: the unpeated 'Man O' Words,' named after Robert Burns, the former exciseman of Annan and Scotland's national poet, and the peated 'Man O' Sword,' named in honor of King Robert The Bruce, the former 7th Lord of Annandale and King of Scots, who once owned a Motte-and-Bailey castle near the distillery.

    Continuing with a strong ethos of selecting obscure casks, Annandale's Founders' Selection series, handpicked by co-owner Prof. David Thomson, includes Sherry-Conditioned Hogshead Casks and the current STR (shaved, toasted & re-charred) casks, originally chosen by the "Einstein of Whisky" Dr. Jim Swan before his untimely passing in 2017.

    Annandale Distillery's commitment to excellence extends beyond whisky production. The distillery has expanded its operations to include the Globe Inn in Dumfries, a pub/restaurant famously known as the favorite haunt of Robert Burns. The Globe, rich in Burnsian artifacts, is supported by the Robert Burns World Federation, with Prof. David Thomson serving as an ambassador.

    With its inevitable growth, Annandale Distillery has garnered accolades, including the Jim Murray Best Single Cask Single Malt 10 years and Under for both Man O' Sword and Man O' Words 2015 Vintage Bourbon Cask. The Visitor Centre has been rated 5 stars by VisitScotland, further cementing the distillery's reputation as a destination for whisky enthusiasts and Burns admirers alike.

    Discover Annandale Distillery, where every bottle is a tribute to Scotland's whisky heritage, offering a unique opportunity to savor the revival of a legendary spirit.