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  • 1770 Glasgow - Lowlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Step into the world of Glasgow 1770 Distillery, where history and modernity blend seamlessly to create exceptional Scotch whisky. Drawing inspiration from the pioneering spirit of Scotland's early distilleries, The Glasgow Distillery Company, named after one of the original distilleries in Glasgow, has rekindled the city's whisky-making legacy.

    Founded in 1770 in Dundashill and reborn in 2014, Glasgow 1770 Distillery proudly stands as the first Single Malt Whisky distillery in Glasgow in over a century. This revival not only honors the tradition of metropolitan Scottish malt whisky but also marks a new era in Glasgow's distillation history. The founders, Liam Hughes, Mike Hayward, and Ian McDougall, have ignited a renaissance in Glasgow's whisky scene, hoping to inspire a new generation of distillers.

    At Glasgow 1770 Distillery, passion meets precision. The distillery invests in the finest distillation equipment, sources premium ingredients, and secures the best casks from around the world. This commitment, coupled with an innovative team of experienced distillers, results in a diverse range of handcrafted premium spirits that have garnered global acclaim.

    Each bottle from Glasgow 1770 Distillery is a testament to quality and innovation. The distillery's offerings are a celebration of Glasgow's rich whisky heritage, showcasing a perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary flair. Discover the rebirth of Glasgow Malt Whisky with Glasgow 1770, where every sip is a journey through the heart of Scottish whisky excellence.