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    The Hercynian Distilling Co., known as Hammerschmiede, is located in the picturesque Harz region, specifically in Zorge, Germany. Under the leadership of Alexander Buchholz, the distillery has established itself with its brand Emperor's Way as a notable force in the world of whisky. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and a passion for innovation makes every drop of their whisky a memorable experience.

    Emperor's Way, the flagship product of Hammerschmiede, stands for exquisite whisky characterized by the use of carefully selected ingredients and dedication to quality. The clear water of the Harz region and the rich nature of the area provide the perfect foundation for the production of this noble spirit.

    The Emperor's Way product range includes various bottlings that appeal to both whisky connoisseurs and newcomers. Emperor's Way Sherry Cask is distinguished by its deep, fruity aromas and rich, dark color, while Emperor's Way Peated Whisky delights lovers of smoky notes. Each bottling represents Hammerschmiede's commitment to artisanal excellence and the creation of unique taste experiences.

    In addition to the standard bottlings, Emperor's Way also offers limited editions and special releases known for their innovation and exceptional character. These rare bottlings are a testament to the experimental spirit and craftsmanship of Hammerschmiede.