Collection Armorik - French whiskey from Brittany

Armorik Single Malt is a single malt whiskey made at the Warenghem distillery in Lannion in Brittany, France.

At the end of the 19th century, the Warenghem family founded the distillery in Lannion, on the Pink Granite Coast of France .

Léon Warenghem, the founder from northern France, and his heirs had their first success with the distillery through plant liqueurs. Elixir d'Armorique, a blend of 35 plants, is the distillery's flagship product, which has received numerous awards at international fairs over the years and continues to enjoy an international reputation, especially on the other side of the Atlantic. Elixir is still made at the distillery today.

Armorik, the first single malt from Brittany and France, is officially launched in 1998. This single malt quickly becomes the driving force behind the distillery.

Armorik Double Maturation was voted Best European Whiskey at the 2013 World Whiskeys Awards and won a double gold medal at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The other editions of Armorik, Armorik Classic and Armorik Sherry, will also receive awards and increase the prestige of this single malt.