Collection Angel's Envy - Bourbon Whiskey from Kentucky

Today, Angel's Envy is a handcrafted whiskey made in small batches by the Louisville Distilling Company of Kentucky, a subsidiary of Bacardi Limited.

Originally, Angel's Envy was a father and son idea. Finally, a grandson was included.

When Lincoln came out of retirement to create Angel's Envy, he wanted to work with his son Wes on a bourbon that was aged in port casks. He'd had the idea for years but had never had the chance to try it. For Lincoln, creating a new kind of whiskey was just as important as building something with his family. Wes' son Kyle eventually joined his family to help with the fledgling brand and study alongside his grandfather.

Inspired by the legendary master distiller Lincoln Henderson, who spent his life making fine spirits, Angel's Envy is a masterpiece. The 5% of spirit lost during cask aging each year is called "Angel's Share". After tasting the finished whiskey, Lincoln joked that the distillery finally got a better deal than the angels. And so Angel's Envy was born.