Collection Reservoir Distillery - American whiskey from Virginia

Reservoir was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2008 by childhood friends Jay Carpenter and Dave Cuttino. The Reservoir Distillery was only the third bourbon whiskey distillery to be established outside of Kentucky.

As a small distillery, all bottles are filled by hand and individually numbered. Anyway, everything in the distillery is handmade, from the mashing to the distillation to the final sealing of the bottles.

Incidentally, all grain comes from within 45 miles of the distillery. Everything very local.

And now the really special. The distillery only produces single grain whiskeys. Their bourbon is 100% corn. Their Rye is 100% rye. Their Wheat Whiskey is made from 100% wheat.

At the San Francisco World Spirit Awards, there were also several gold and even double gold awards recently.