Collection WhistlePig - Premium Rye Whiskey from Vermont

WhistlePig is a Vermont-based distillery that primarily produces rye whiskey. The company is known for "ultra-premium" rye whiskey, a category it largely occupied alone in the early 21st century. WhistlePig was founded in 2007 when entrepreneur Raj Bhakta purchased land for the WhistlePig distillery. The first product, a 10-year-old rye, was launched in 2015.

Spread across 500 acres of rolling hills in Shoreham, Vermont, WhistlePig Farm is home to some of the finest rye whiskey in the world. Housed in a 150-year-old renovated barn, WhistlePig Distillery opened in 2015 and produces real whiskey from farm to bottling seven days a week in a unique Pickerell-designed copper still.

True to the Triple Terroir, WhistlePig harvests oak trees that grow on the estate to produce the bespoke casks. Instead of French oak, sugar maple and Garryana oak, only locally sourced Vermont oak is used, which is later shipped to the American Stave Company to be made into casks. Shorter growth periods - caused by the cold winters in Vermont - make the oaks more resilient and form dense annual rings.