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    Copperworks Distillery, located on the scenic waterfront of Seattle, Washington, is a testament to the innovative spirit of American whiskey-making. Founded by Jason Parker and Micah Nutt, two veterans in the brewing industry, Copperworks has emerged as a leader in the craft distillery movement, redefining the boundaries of traditional whiskey production.

    At Copperworks, the focus is on creating exceptional spirits that reflect the unique character of the Pacific Northwest. The distillery specializes in small-batch American Single Malt Whiskey, meticulously crafted from the finest locally sourced malted barley. This commitment to local ingredients not only supports regional farmers but also ensures a distinct flavor profile that sets Copperworks' whiskey apart.

    The distillation process at Copperworks combines time-honored techniques with modern innovation. Their state-of-the-art stills, custom-designed and built by expert coppersmiths, are at the heart of this process, allowing for precise control and the creation of a remarkably smooth and flavorful whiskey.

    Copperworks' range of whiskies showcases a diverse array of flavors, from the rich and complex notes of their flagship American Single Malt to the bold and innovative expressions found in their limited releases. Each bottle is a celebration of craftsmanship, offering a unique tasting experience to both seasoned whiskey aficionados and curious newcomers.

    Visitors to Copperworks Distillery can enjoy guided tours and tastings, gaining insight into the art of whiskey-making and the passion behind every batch. The distillery also serves as an educational hub, fostering a deeper appreciation for the craft of distilling among its guests.

    Discover Copperworks Distillery, where each sip is an exploration of quality, innovation, and the rich heritage of American whiskey, crafted with a dedication to excellence that resonates with whiskey lovers around the world.