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    Kentucky Owl is a historic bourbon distillery known for its fascinating past and unique bourbons. Originally founded in 1879 by Charles Mortimer Dedman, the operation ceased when Prohibition came into effect in 1916. At that time, approximately 250,000 gallons of Kentucky Owl Bourbon were seized by the government for safekeeping but suspiciously disappeared when the warehouse where they were stored burned down overnight. This incident led to speculation that organized crime syndicates might have stolen the supplies to stock their speakeasies.

    A century later, Kentucky Owl was revived by C.M. Dedman's great-great-grandson, who was determined to blend a bourbon worthy of the Kentucky Owl name. This endeavor led to six years of rigorous research and experiments, culminating in the production of the first new whiskey bearing the Kentucky Owl name. Since 2017, a series of unique batches have been produced to great acclaim. The brand has continued to expand, with recent launches such as THE WISEMAN marking new chapters in the history of Kentucky Owl.

    Despite its historical roots, Kentucky Owl stands out as a modern bourbon brand with great respect for tradition. The bourbons produced by Kentucky Owl are revered for their unique flavor profiles and are a testament to the distillery's commitment to quality and innovation.