Collection St. Kilian - German Single Malt Whisky

St. Kilian Distillers is a German single malt whiskey distillery based on the Scottish model, which combines decades of whiskey know-how with German technology.

With signature handcrafted Scottish pot stills and a warehouse full of fragrant whiskey casks to add a signature touch to their spirits, St Kilian prides itself on its premises and creative, passionate and patient team.

The currently largest distillery in Germany enjoys an idyllic location in Franconian Bavaria, embedded in a valley, surrounded by meadows and an abundance of fir trees. Their water comes straight from the pure spring in Rüdenau, while peat and malted barley are sourced from contacts willing to supply them due to their association with Irish whiskey legend David Hynes.

Dedicated to producing excellent spirits, they have spent more than four and a half years experimenting to create a spirit that reflects the vision of the three distillery founders and now continue their mission to produce the finest German whiskey.