Collection Cardhu - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Cardhu's origins date back to 1811 when John Cumming and his wife Helen took over the lease of the Cardhu farm. Like many of their farming neighbors, they began illegal distillation. Helen Cumming deftly outwitted tax inspectors by inviting them into her home, disguising the fermentation as baking, and then sneaking outside to warn her fellow distillers with a red flag.

John Cumming received a distillery licence, formally establishing Cardhu in 1824. In the years that followed, Cardhu developed into a family business in which all the sons played a role. After the death of her husband, the Cummings' eldest son, in 1872, Elizabeth Cumming decided to continue the business.

In 1893 Elizabeth sold the business to John Walker & Sons on the only condition that the family continue to run the distillery. Before her death, Elizabeth built cottages with running water for the distillery employees, ensuring that Cardhu remained at the heart of the community and her mother-in-law's legacy lived on.

Cardhu is now one of the world's leading single malt Scotch whiskies, distilled in one of the first legal distilleries in Speyside.

The brand's most recognizable expression is the 12-year-old Cardhu, with its rich, smooth, honeyed fruit flavors and light spiciness. More variants are available for different styles and tastes.