Collection Akkeshi-Japanese Whisky

Akkeshi Distillery is a Japanese whiskey distillery founded in 2016 and owned by Tokyo-based trading company Kenten Jitsugyo.

Akkeshi Distillery in Hokkaido is located in an area with similar characteristics to Islay in Scotland, which is the inspiration for Akkeshi's spirits. The nearby sea helps give the whiskeys Akkeshi ages a more maritime flavor profile that is strong and smoky on the palate; the mist and wisps of vapor beading off the seawater also enhance the flavor of the aging distillates. Akkeshi is in an area subject to drastic climate changes, which sets it apart from Islay where temperatures vary less. These temperature fluctuations contribute to Akkeshi's unique whiskey taste.

Sherry butt and ex-bourbon casks are primarily used to mature the whiskey, but other casks such as Japanese oak (Mizunara), ex-wine casks and ex-rum casks are also used. Akkeshi currently uses barley from Scotland but will soon switch to local resources for future bottlings.