Collection Hazelburn - Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Hazelburn Distillery was a distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland that operated between about 1825 and 1925.

Until 1871 it was owned by the Greenlees brothers of Lorne Highland Whisky, who also owned Dalaruan and Lagavulin, but in 1881 it became the Greenlees and Colvill company. Also in 1881, Captain Samuel Greenlees bought out the partnership of Daniel Greenlees and also acquired the Moy estate.

In 1886 it had 22 employees and was producing 192,000 gallons of whiskey a year, making it the city's largest distillery. On 9 September 1893 Princess Helen of Waldeck and Pyrmont and her family docked at Campbeltown Loch on the royal yacht Victoria and Albert. Samuel Greenlees of Greenlees and Colvill Ltd. led her through the distillery.

In 1921 Greenlees & Colvill Ltd. went into liquidation and the distillery was put up for sale. She was bought by Mitchell & Co. but decommissioned in 1926. Mitchell & Co. owned two other distilleries, including the Springbank Distillery.

Springbank Distillery has been bottling a whiskey called Hazelburn Single Malt since 2005.