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    In the warm southwest of Japan, the East China Sea meets Fukiagehama Beach, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the country. This beach stretches over approximately 50 kilometers along the coast of Kagoshima Prefecture, home to the Mars Tsunuki Distillery. Since 2017, the Kanosuke Distillery has offered a new vantage point of the white dunes of Fukiagehama.

    The Kanosuke Distillery, known for its high-quality Japanese whiskies, operates with three unique pot stills. The copper stills, made in Japan, differ in the shape of the neck and the angle of the lyne arm. Through repeated distillation in different stills and blending the distillates from the pot-still trio, Kanosuke is able to create whiskies with great depth and smooth texture.

    Kanosuke Single Malts are based on barley malt from the UK, Europe, Australia, and Japan, with an 85:15 ratio of peated to unpeated malt. For future blended Japanese whiskies, Kanosuke has also been producing grain whisky since 2010. The fermentation lasts 96 hours and uses distiller's and brewer's yeast.

    The aging process at Kanosuke mainly takes place in re-charred American white oak barrels that previously held "Mellowed Kozuru." Additionally, the distillery uses bourbon barrels, sherry casks, wine casks, IPA-seasoned casks, and Mizunara oak casks.

    The Kanosuke Distillery offers a unique insight into the world of Japanese whisky. Using regional resources and innovative techniques, it creates whiskies with a distinctive character.