Collection MacNair's - Blended Scotch Whisky

MacNair's is one of two blended Scotch whiskey brands owned by GlenAllachie Distillers Company Limited.

MacNair's Boutique House of Spirits has long been known for its whisky. But the spirits specialist recently unveiled its first-ever Exploration rum, as well as a new type of Scotch, the Lum Reek Blended Malt.

Originally founded by Harvey MacNair in the 19th century, the brand has been in the hands of master blender Billy Walker for over half a century. His participatory approach and meticulous attention to detail have earned the company many awards. Believing that age and integrity matter, MacNair invests in enhanced maturation.

All MacNair creations are age-labelled, bottled at a minimum of 46% ABV, naturally colored and non-chill filtered to enhance flavor.