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  • Clydeside - Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Clydeside Distillery, a beacon of Scottish whisky in Glasgow, marks a significant revival in the city's distilling history. Established in 2017, it proudly stands as the first active distillery in Glasgow's city center in over a century. Owned by Morrison Glasgow Distillers, Clydeside is a testament to the city's rich heritage, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

    The distillery's collaboration with renowned distillery consultant Dr. Jim Swan has led to the creation of a unique whisky profile. Clydeside's signature spirit is a "light but fruity" whisky, distinct from the grassy and malty characteristics typical of Lowland malts. Instead, it leans towards a spicier Speyside style, reflecting Glasgow's historical role in bringing tobacco and spices to Britain.

    Clydeside Distillery's production process is a meticulous blend of art and science. The distillery uses state-of-the-art equipment and carefully selected ingredients to craft its whiskies, ensuring a perfect balance of flavor and aroma. This approach results in a whisky that is both approachable for newcomers and deeply satisfying for connoisseurs.

    Visitors to Clydeside Distillery can immerse themselves in the world of whisky through guided tours, experiencing the journey from grain to glass. The distillery is not just a production site but also a cultural hub, celebrating Glasgow's vibrant spirit and its newfound place in the modern whisky landscape.

    Discover Clydeside Distillery, where every drop of whisky is a tribute to Glasgow's past and a toast to its future, offering a unique and memorable experience for whisky lovers around the world.