Collection EMILL

In 1921, at the age of 22, Emil Scheibel bought an old Black Forest farm, which is still the company's headquarters today, founded the Emil Scheibel Black Forest distillery there and created the basis for a business that, under his heirs Louis and Michael Scheibel, made the name a brand name for Black Forest spirits made.

Today, the Emil Scheibel Schwarzwald distillery is one of the leading manufacturers of spirits in Germany and sells its products in leading specialist shops worldwide, including in Japan, Australia and Canada.

The production of the mash and the distillation process are two important factors that shape the Scheibel single malt whiskey EMILL and its character. But a far more important part is the aging in the barrel. The distillate has to be stored in it for at least three years before it can be called whiskey. EMILL Single Malt Whiskey is a real Black Forest original, distilled and stored in the historic Scheibel mill in Kappelrodeck in the Achertal.