Collection As We Get It! - Islay and Highland Scotch Whisky

The malts in the "As We Get It" series come from the two legendary Scottish whiskey regions of Islay and Highland. With their unique taste, they represent the famous and world-renowned characteristics of each region.

In northern Islay, for example, clear spring water infused with a salty sea climate is a key ingredient. Little or no peat is used, a "medicinal" note is occasionally unmistakable. A smoky, peaty aroma, on the other hand, characterizes malts from Islay's distilleries located further south. The wind from the southwest drives sea air with iodine and seaweed into the warehouses and gives the whiskey its unmistakable taste. But beware: These malts are particularly expressive representatives of their kind and are said to bring tears to the eyes of inexperienced whiskey drinkers.

In the case of the little or no peated Highland malts, the pleasantly complex aromas range between mild, strong and fruity, subtly varied with sherry and vanilla.