Collection Hatozaki-Japanese Whisky

Known for its sake production, Kaikyo Distillery has launched its first two whiskeys to celebrate its 100th anniversary: ​​a Hatozaki Blended and a Pure Malt.

The two whiskeys were created by Kimio Yonezawa, Hatozaki's master distiller and blender, who previously made sake in Akashi, a port city on the Seto Inland Sea about 30 minutes west of Kobe.

The roots of Kaikyo Distillery date back to 1856 when the Yonezawa family founded the Akashi Sake Brewery, initially specializing in the distillation of rice alcohol. In 1917, the focus shifted to pure sake production, and in 2018 the same Yonezawa family decided to celebrate over 100 years of sake production by diversifying whiskey production into a new distillery.

Hatozaki is named after the Hatozaki Lighthouse featured on the labels. Built in 1657, it is Japan's oldest stone lighthouse, designed to guide ships safely into Akashi Harbour. In 2014 it was declared a national monument.