Collection Royal Brackla - Highlands Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Royal Brackla Distillery is a Scottish Highland whiskey distillery on the Cawdor Estate near Nairn in Scotland. The distillery is operated by John Dewar & Sons Ltd for Bacardi.

Royal Brackla has a 12.5 tonne mash tun and eight wash backs with a total volume of 480,000 litres. Cawdor Burn is the permanent water supply for Royal Brackla, using the Cursack Springs for mashing.

The distillery uses four stills to produce their whiskey, two wash stills with a total capacity of 42,000 liters and two spirit stills with a total capacity of 42,000 liters. The fermentation process takes a total of 70 hours, followed by distillation.

The large Royal Brackla stills, designed to allow high reflux, operate slowly during distillation to smooth the blend, maximize copper contact and produce an easy burn. The final step is aging, which takes place in oak barrels.