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Buying whiskey online has never been easier . In our whiskey shop there are over 1,000 different bottlings to choose from and new bottles are added every day.

Scotch whiskey (Scottish whiskey), Irish whiskey , Bourbon whiskey , Rye whiskey, Japanese whiskey and hundreds of other bottlings from all over the world are waiting for you.

Incidentally, it doesn't always have to be Jack Daniels , Johnnie Walker , Chivas Regal or beGlenfiddich . Take your time and look at the interesting bottlings from smaller distilleries. There, too, you can often find great single casks in cask strength .

We have everything in stock: from single malt whiskey to blended whiskey to grain whiskey.

And in addition to distillery bottlings, we also offer a large number of whiskeys from independent bottlers .

Use the filter options and search specifically for age , region, alcohol content, smokiness, price, etc.