Collection Port Charlotte - Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Port Charlotte Distillery (Lochindaal Distillery) was built at the same time as the village of Port Charlotte, around 1829, and was originally named after the village.

Lochindaal was to have many owners after it was originally licensed to Colin Campbell. Eventually the distillery was acquired by the Distillers Company Limited, which heralded the end of the distillery.

Various reasons were given for the distillery's closure in 1929, exactly 100 years after it was built, including overproduction in the industry, the effects of Prohibition in the United States, and the stock market crash of that year.

Bruichladdich reacquired most of the old distillery buildings and grounds in 2007. The global banking and financial crisis that followed shortly thereafter thwarted the independent company's immediate ambitions to rebuild Lochindaal and give it back the name it originally bore.

Remy Cointreau's acquisition of Bruichladdich (including the Port Charlotte site) in 2012 has the potential to change things again.