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    The Knockdhu Distillery, known for its single malt whiskies under the brand anCnoc, is a prime example of Scottish distilling craftsmanship and innovation. Founded in 1894 in the picturesque Banffshire, the distillery stands out for its unique location and the use of local resources such as peat and pure water from the nearby Knock Hill springs.

    These natural resources, combined with the traditional whisky-making approach, have enabled Knockdhu to produce whiskies of exceptional quality and character.

    The Knockdhu Distillery uses traditional copper stills, which have remained almost unchanged since its founding, to impart a light, fresh taste to its whisky. Maturation in a mix of American and Spanish oak casks gives the whiskies remarkable depth of flavor, characterized by their balance and accessibility.

    A notable feature of the Knockdhu Distillery is its commitment to sustainability and innovation within the traditional framework of whisky production. Despite the use of modern techniques, the connection to tradition and the quality appreciated by fans worldwide remains intact.