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    The Glen Moray Distillery, nestled in the picturesque region of Speyside, is renowned for its soft and fruity Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, making it a perfect match for American oak. The adoption of a higher percentage of first-fill American oak barrels since being taken over by La Martiniquaise adds buttery notes to the whisky. Glen Moray pioneered the finishing of whisky in wine casks, including Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, as well as Port casks, showcasing its leadership in cask innovation. Recent years have seen the introduction of new releases, including those with peated malt.

    Originally starting as a brewery, Glen Moray was converted into a distillery in 1897 during a whisky boom period. However, like many others, it was hit by the slump at the start of the 20th century and closed in 1910, only to be revived in 1923 by Macdonald & Muir, the owner of Glenmorangie. Significant expansions took place in 1958 with the doubling of stills to four and the installation of a Saladin box for malting, which operated until 1978.

    Under Glenmorangie's later ownership, Glen Moray was positioned as the company's 'budget' malt, leading to a surge in sales but little profit, which ultimately damaged the distillery's image. In 2008, it was sold to the French distilling firm La Martiniquaise, mainly for use in its Label Five and Glen Turner brands. Since then, capacity has been increased by 40% with the installation of new washbacks and an additional pair of stills.

    Glen Moray’s production capacity is impressive at 2.3 million liters annually, drawing water from the nearby River Lossie. One unique aspect of its distillation process is the external location of the condensers. The distillery had just one wash still and one spirit still until 1979 when the number was doubled. The current pot stills, installed in 1992, feature a pear shape with a wide base and thick neck.

    Maltings were originally done on-site until 1958 when they were replaced by a Saladin box, which was used until malting at the distillery was completely decommissioned in 1978. Now, the distillery sources its malting from an industrial site, though locally grown, with recent experiments in using peated maltings, producing its first batch of peated spirit in 2009.

    Glen Moray is celebrated not only for its innovative whisky finishes but also for its enduring legacy in the evolving preferences of whisky drinkers. With a rich tradition and ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, Glen Moray remains a cherished gem in the world of Scottish whisky.