Collection FEW - American Whiskey

Out of the town of Evanston, Illinois, where the temperance movement originated, comes an artisanal distillery that is putting an end to the area's long-standing drought laws.

Paul Hletko and his experienced team are housed in the back alley of a former chop shop and produce the finest spirits from corn, rye and barley.

The only goal of the distillery is to bring together under one roof the best products made from the best grains, perfectly ripened and finished.

The distillery has two copper stills. The first still is a custom built German hybrid still and is used to make whiskey as well as racking base wines for gin production.

The second still is also custom-made, but optimized for gin production. Because Few puts all of its gin botanicals directly into the still, using a separate still for gin production ensures the gin flavors don't mix with the whiskey.