Collection Glen Spey - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glen Spey Distillery is a single malt Scotch whiskey distillery based in Rothes, Moray, in the center of the Speyside whiskey growing region in Scotland.

Glen Spey Distillery was built in 1878 by James Stuart & Co. under the name "Mill of Rothes". Originally an oat mill - founder James Stuart was a grain merchant before venturing into the whiskey world. In the years prior to the sale of the Glen Spey distillery to the London company Gilbey in 1887, the still was simply added to the existing mill. This expanded the production capacity from two to four stills in 1970.

Glen Spey (as well as Glenlossie and Strathmill) continue to use "purifiers". These act as small condensers, returning some of the alcohol vapors to the still for redistillation. This will increase reflux into the pot stills. The result is a lighter spirit.

Throughout its history, the distillery has only released a handful of official bottlings. The distillery's product is currently used primarily for J&B products.