Collection Denmark - Nordic style whiskeys with a distinctive flavor profile

Although the Danish whiskey market is still in its infancy, the country is already producing some excellent whiskeys that are worth adding to your collection. More and more distilleries are springing up across the country, and the popularity of whiskey among the population is steadily increasing.

One of the most important Danish whiskey producers is certainly Stauning , the oldest Danish whiskey brand, founded in 2005.

The focus of Stauning is on taste, not age. Unlike other whiskey makers outside of Scotland, Stauning has no intention of copying Scotch whisky; their aim is to produce distinctive Danish whisky.

Producers use methods that are 200 years old, including using small stills with an open fire underneath to better control the aromas. In addition, every production process, including malting, takes place in-house at Stauning.

Stauning's range of whiskeys includes Curious, Rye , Kaos , Peat and Bastard . Ever since Stauning's products hit Danish shelves in 2011, they've been winning awards.

Although purists would agree single malt whiskey should be drunk neat, Stauning offers a range of whiskey cocktail recipes including classics like Old Fashioned and Manhattan as well as their own new inventions like the Stauning Smoke Signal (their version of the Rusty Nail) .