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    Blackened Whiskey represents a true collaboration between icons from different realms: Metallica, a powerhouse of heavy metal, and Dave Pickerell, a true pioneer in American whiskey. This unique partnership brings together music and spirits in an innovative way.

    The two icons employ a special technique known as "BLACK NOISE" to enhance the maturation of Blackened Whiskey. Essentially, the whiskey is aged in barrels that are pummeled by a Meyer's Sound Subwoofer playing a curated selection of Metallica songs. This process agitates the whiskey in the barrels, leading to a more intense interaction with the wood and amplifying the flavors.

    Following the passing of Pickerell in 2018, Metallica turned to Rob Dietrich, formerly of Stranahan's Single Malt Whiskey, to take over as the distiller and blender of Blackened American Whiskey. Under his leadership, the tradition of innovation and quality continues, making Blackened Whiskey a unique experience for whiskey enthusiasts.