Collection Lowlands - Mild whiskey from the southernmost part of Scotland

The Lowlands region covers all of the mainland south of a notional line between Greenock and Dundee. On the other side of this line are the Highlands. As the name suggests, the Highlands are full of hills and mountains, while the Lowlands are much flatter.

In the past, Lowland single malts were typically triple distilled, giving them a lighter character, like Auchentoshan. Even today, the Lowlanders are therefore related to Irish whiskey in terms of production and taste. The malts are usually intense in flavor and have a smooth body. Traditionally, unpeated malt is used for the production. This is probably because the Lowlands were formerly home to the coal industry, so using peat for heating was not common.

The typical Lowland aroma features mild, elegant notes of grass, honeysuckle, cream, ginger, butterscotch, toast and cinnamon. The whiskeys are mostly light and are well suited as an aperitif or for beginners.

Famous Lowland distilleries include Annandale , Auchentoshan , Glenkinchie , Lindores Abbey , Bladnoch and Glasgow Distillery .