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  • Blanton's - American Bourbon Whiskey

    Blanton's, a name synonymous with exceptional Bourbon whiskey, is a brand crafted with distinction by the Sazerac Company. While not the owner, Sazerac holds exclusive distilling rights, with Age International, Inc. owning the brand. Distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky, at the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery, Blanton's stands as a testament to innovative bourbon production.

    Introduced in 1984 under the guidance of master distiller Elmer T. Lee, Blanton's was the first modern bourbon brand marketed as a single barrel bourbon, revolutionizing the industry. Originally named "Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon," it set a new standard for quality and uniqueness in the bourbon world.

    One of the distinctive features of Blanton's is its eight different bottle stopper designs, each featuring a letter from the word "BLANTON'S" and crowned with a figure of a racehorse and jockey. These stoppers depict various scenes of a horse race, from the starting gate to crossing the finish line in victory, adding a touch of elegance and collectibility to each bottle.

    Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon typically ages for 6 to 8 years in Buffalo Trace's Warehouse H, the only metal-clad warehouse at the distillery. This unique structure facilitates faster heat transfer, accelerating the aging process and imparting rich, complex flavors to the bourbon.

    Discover Blanton's, where each bottle is a celebration of bourbon craftsmanship, offering a unique journey through the stages of a horse race, and a taste experience that is both refined and deeply satisfying.