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Stauning Whiskey is a whiskey distillery in Denmark . It is located in western Jutland, south of the small village of Stauning near Skjern. The distillery was founded in May 2005 by nine Danish whiskey enthusiasts and is the oldest whiskey distillery in the Kingdom of Denmark.

The original intention was to produce a whiskey similar to the peated whiskey produced on the Scottish island of Islay . The production is mainly done by hand with local grain and water. Everything is made using the traditional Scottish methods of whiskey making.

The first distillation took place in August 2006 and test production continued in the following months, constantly improving and streamlining the process. In the fall of 2006, the nine owners met with whiskey expert Jim Murray and introduced him to the new spirit for a tasting. The chance meeting with Murray became the basis for the founders' decision. In 2007 they bought a small farm and moved the distillery from the private slaughterhouse in the village of Stauning to its current location about a mile south of the village.

Production finally resumed in March 2009. Since then, Stauning Whiskey has won the award for Best European Rye Whiskey Under Seven at the Whiskey Magazine Awards and Best European Single Malt. The distillery was also critically acclaimed in Murray's Whiskey Bible, where their Peated 1st Edition received a 94 out of 100. It has been described as "a superstar whiskey that gives us all a reason to live".

Stauning's range of whiskeys includes Curious, Rye, Kaos, Peat and Bastard. Ever since Stauning's products hit Danish shelves in 2011, they've been winning awards.

Although purists would agree single malt whiskey should be drunk neat, Stauning offers a range of whiskey cocktail recipes including classics like Old Fashioned and Manhattan as well as their own new inventions like the Stauning Smoke Signal (their version of the Rusty Nail) .