Collection Coillmor - Bavarian Single Malt Whisky

Founded in 1935 by Maria Liebl as a grocery store in the Bavarian Forest, her husband and son converted the family business into a wine and spirits store in the post-war period. Around 1970 the Liebl family started to produce their own spirits, the first own products were Bärwurzschnaps and the regional bloodroot liqueur.

Today the distillery is managed by Gerhard Liebl in the third generation. As one of the best distillers in Germany, he distills not only traditional specialties from the Bavarian Forest, but also fruit brandies and liqueurs as well as whiskey and gin. In 2018 Gerhard Liebl took the overall victory at the Obstbrand Olympiad for the third time: at the Destillata in Austria he was awarded the title "Distiller of the Year in Gold".

In 2006, the foundation stone for the first whiskey distillery in the Bavarian Forest was laid from a crazy idea. For the single malt whiskey from Bad Kötzting, distilled from Bavarian barley malt, the Gaelic word "Coillmor" (big forest) represents the ideal basis for the name.

The whiskeys mature over many years in the distillery's warehouses. In addition to freshly emptied wine, sherry and port casks, which they source from the finest wineries, bodegas and chateaus across Europe, they also use freshly emptied rum, bourbon and Islay whiskey casks filled with peat and smoke.