Collection Compass Box - Independent Bottler and Blender

Compass Box was founded in 2000 by American John Glaser, who was previously International Marketing Director at Johnnie Walker.

Compass Box's modus operandi and strong work ethic make it an independent bottler and blender like no other. Compass Box purchases individual casks and focuses on creating a boutique artisan product. None of their bottlings are chill filtered, no coloring is added and all are aged exclusively in American oak. This gives the whiskey its characteristic sweetness.

One of their unique bottlings and a great example of their methodology is Compass Box Hedonism. This is a marriage of eight to fifteen different grain whiskeys, most of which are over twenty years old and all matured in American oak (first-fill). Hedonism was named Best Grain Whiskey in the World at the 2008 World Whiskey Awards. John Glaser himself has been named Whiskey Magazine's Innovator of the Year four times.