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    The Kyrö Distillery Company, founded in 2012 by Miika Lipiäinen and four of his friends, is located in Isokyrö, Finland. The idea for the distillery came about in a sauna, where the friends discussed the possibility of producing a Finnish rye whisky. The distillery is known for its use of 100% Finnish rye, which gives their whiskies and gins a distinctive flavor.

    Kyrö Distillery began production in 2014 and quickly gained international recognition. Their products, including the award-winning Napue Rye Gin, which was named the best gin for gin & tonic at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2015, and the Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky, launched in 2020, have received numerous awards. The distillery uses a combination of Finnish copper pot stills and modern distillation techniques to create their high-quality spirits.

    A special feature of the Kyrö Distillery is its sustainable production methods. The distillery uses only Finnish rye, which is locally grown, and ensures that the entire production process, from grain to bottle, is carefully monitored. This guarantees high quality and traceability of the products.

    Kyrö Distillery produces not only whisky but also a range of other spirits, including gins and liqueurs. Among the most well-known releases are the Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky, known for its depth and complexity, and the Kyrö Koskue Gin, aged in small oak barrels, which offers a unique flavor profile.