Collection Campbeltown - The smallest whiskey region in Scotland

The capital of the Kintyre Peninsula in south-west Scotland gave its name to the Campbeltown region. Once considered the "Whiskey Capital of the World", Campbeltown was home to over 30 active distilleries in its heyday around 1825. By 2010, due to poor economic development over the decades, the number of active distilleries in the city had dwindled to just two: Glen Scotia and Springbank .

Lost status was restored when a third distillery, Glengyle, owned by J & A Mitchell & Co, announced plans to start a new distillery. The first bottling took place in 2014. The whiskey is sold under the Kilkerran name, since a Highland blended malt called Glengyle is already on the market.

Campbeltown whiskeys are diverse and rich in flavor. Salty, smoky and fruity notes, but also vanilla and caramel are very common in these single malts.