Collection Ireland - Whiskeys with a mild and smooth aroma

Irish whiskey is one of the great whiskeys in the world. It is usually triple distilled from unmalted barley and usually blended with grain whiskey, but of course there are also Irish single malts.

Irish whiskey is made exclusively in Ireland and is loved around the world for its exceptional smoothness. Irish whiskey sales are increasing, as are the brands available.

Irish whiskey and Scotch whiskey are the oldest forms of the dark spirit. Which of these arose first is a historical debate. The most obvious difference is that Irish whiskey is always spelled with an "e" in the word "whiskey" (except for Waterford , which Irish distillery omitted the "e"), while Scotch is always spelled "whisky".

The rules for making Irish whiskey date back to 1880 and the Irish Whiskey Act 1950, which is still in force today, consists of two main parts:

Irish whiskey must be distilled in Ireland from a mash of malt and grains.
Irish Pot Still Whiskey may only be distilled in Ireland from a mash of grains commonly grown in Ireland.

Irish law requires all whiskeys to be aged in casks for a minimum of three years. The casks can be new or used and often previously held sherry, bourbon or rum. Irish whiskeys are typically bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof) or slightly more; some reach 120 proof.

The most important. How does Irish whiskey taste?
Irish whiskey has a distinct flavor profile that can generally be described as light and fruity with clear grain notes. Aging also gives the whiskey its signature oak and caramel notes.

And how do you drink Irish whiskey?
Due to its smoothness and excellent drinkability, Irish whiskey can be served however you like. Many people enjoy it neat or over ice and it makes a good accompaniment to food, particularly traditional Irish recipes. It's also a popular choice for shots and shooters. But it's also versatile in almost all types of cocktails, from fancy martinis to simple soda highballs - and of course, it tastes great with coffee. With a good bottle of Irish whiskey in your bar, the possibilities are endless.