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    The Dalmunach Distillery, situated in the heart of Scotland's renowned Speyside region, is one of the newest additions to the Scottish whisky landscape. Commissioned in 2014 on the site of the former Imperial Distillery, Dalmunach combines modern innovations with the traditional art of whisky making. The distillery is part of the prestigious portfolio of Chivas Brothers, a subsidiary of the beverage giant Pernod Ricard.

    Dalmunach is recognized for its state-of-the-art facilities and unique design, featuring eight stills, each shaped like a butterfly – a tribute to the rich flora and fauna of the area. Despite its modern approach, the distillery remains true to the traditional craft of whisky distillation, reflected in the quality and character of its spirits.

    Although Dalmunach is a relatively new distillery, it has already made waves in the whisky world. The distillery focuses on producing Single Malt whisky, primarily used for blends. To date, there are no official standard bottlings from Dalmunach, as the whiskies are mainly reserved for the premium blends of Chivas Brothers. This makes Dalmunach an exclusive and intriguing discovery for whisky enthusiasts seeking something new and unique.

    The commitment to quality and attention to detail in the production of Dalmunach whisky is evident in every drop. The distillery utilizes the purest sources of Spey water and carefully selects the best ingredients to guarantee a whisky of outstanding quality. The clear and pure aroma and the rich and full-bodied taste are the results of Dalmunach's uncompromising commitment to excellence.

    Visitors to the Dalmunach Distillery can gain insight into the modern world of whisky production and experience the spirit and vision that make this distillery a true gem in Speyside. The innovative approach, coupled with a deep respect for tradition, makes Dalmunach an exciting new player in the world of Scottish whisky.