Collection Islands - Whiskey from the Scottish Islands

The "islands" are officially treated as a sub-category of the Highlands , but as the flavors of island whiskeys differ significantly from those of the mainland, the region is considered a separate region.

The "islands" stretch along the entire west and north coast of Scotland - with Islay known to be a separate region. More specifically, these are the islands of Arran, Jura, Mull, the Isle of Skye and the Orkney Islands. Associated distilleries are Arran , Highland Park , Jura , Scapa, Talisker and Tobermory .

New distilleries are opening all the time in the region. Island whiskeys are extremely diverse. In general, however, they differ from whiskeys from other regions of Scotland in their smokier flavor and peaty undertones. However, this cannot be generalized as there are also many non-smoky whiskeys from the islands, e.g. B. from the Arran and Tobermory distilleries ( Tobermory's peated malt is called Ledaig ), some bottlings from Highland Park and independent bottlings from Scapa. Maritime, spicy, intense - that is the basic character of Iceland Whiskies.