Collection Bimber - Single Malt English Whisky

Bimber Distillery was founded by whiskey lovers with a mission to produce quality single malt whiskey with character, using traditional methods rarely found today.

The journey begins on a single farm that grows 100% of the barley. It is then traditionally ground malted, hand mashed and slowly fermented in wooden vats for seven days. The small copper stills are heated with direct fire and the whiskey is aged in hand-picked casks.

This artisan approach to whiskey making combines passion with traditional methods, expertise and an absolute commitment to quality.

Bimber's first casks were bottled on 26 May 2016 and the first single malt whiskey (The First) was released three years later in September 2019 - the limited edition of 1,000 hand-numbered bottles sold out in three hours. Bimber will be launching a wide range of new single malt whiskeys - all with that distinctive accessible, fruity character - all handcrafted with passion.