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Seven Seals | The Age of Taurus | 0.5l | 49.7% | including 7Seals whiskey glass for FREE

Seven Seals | The Age of Taurus | 0.5l | 49.7% | including 7Seals whiskey glass for FREE

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Wild and peaty, this Taurus whiskey reflects down-to-earthness, balance, indulgence, self-confidence and perseverance.

Like the sign of the zodiac, the "Taurus" stands for enjoying life to the full. That's why this whiskey is a smoke port bomb with a Triple Wood, Double Tawny Port finish. Intense and bold, it is earthy with a hint of toasted smoke and a playful bitterness with a hint of sweetness in the background.

Intense, salty, woody, earthy, with pleasant smoke and aromas of blue cheese, dried fruit, gorgonzola, dark chocolate, dried tomatoes in oil and a lovely cane sugar sweetness in the background.
Beautifully intense and powerful, earthy and woody with a light toasted smoky note and aromas of salted peanuts, sea salt, tomatoes, caramel sweetness, vanilla, hard cheese and some black pepper.
Woody, spicy, earthy, with aromas of pretzels, acacia honey, raisins, sea salt and a playful bitterness with a subtle sweetness in the background.
Category Single Malt Whisky
Country Switzerland
Volume 500ml
Alcohol Content 49.7%-vol
Age Without age statement
Number of Bottles 365
Cask Type Tawny Port
Peat light to medium smoky | lightly to medium peated
Filtration not chill filtered | non-chill filtered
Colouring without dyes | non colored
Distillery Seven Seals Whisky, Stansstaderstrasse 90, 6370 Stans, Switzerland
Bottler Original bottling
Importer / Distributor Cherry Spirits eK
Mackenstedter Str. 7, 28816 Stuhr, Germany
  • Seven Seals - Swiss Whisky

    Seven Seals ist eine Whisky-Destillerie in der Schweiz und wie das Buch mit den sieben Siegeln aus der Bibel ein großes Geheimnis. Nur wenige Menschen wissen genau, wie der Prozess des Finishing von Whisky abläuft.

    Zahlreiche Auszeichnungen bei den renommiertesten Whisky-Wettbewerben der Welt zeigen, dass der Geschmack nicht durch das Alter, sondern durch unser patentiertes Verfahren garantiert wird.

    Jeder Whisky von Seven Seals, der das Haus verlässt, darf sich rechtmäßig Whisky nennen, bevor er das kurze, effektive Fast Forward Finishing-Verfahren durchläuft.

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