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Ben Nevis | 6 years | 2014/2021 | Signatory Vintage | Unicorns | 46%

Ben Nevis | 6 years | 2014/2021 | Signatory Vintage | Unicorns | 46%

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Andrew Symington founded Signatory Vintage Scotch Whiskey Company Ltd in 1988. And since then, the exclusive bottlings of one of Scotland's most successful independent "bottlers" have become an integral part of whiskey fans' shelves. The limited bottlings from a few casks come onto the market in series - such as in the Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Range, the Vintage Collection Range or the Cask Strength Collection.

We are offering you a new expression of this collection from just a single, exquisite single cask, which has never existed before from this house. You could actually call them legendary. A unicorn, sort of. Just like everyone else actually... Because every barrel is different. You know... single cask and stuff... But whatever...

Forget closed distilleries, old vintages and other traditional distilleries. That's not all that important in terms of taste. What we are presenting to you here is simply unique in terms of fairy dust and leaves nothing to be desired! Today's product is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—neither interchangeable nor repeatable. There will never be a barrel like this again. All the experts interviewed agree on this. After all, how often do you come across such a mythical creature in life?!

In principle, this single barrel is so good that even experienced connoisseurs prefer to pour this mystical dark dram into the glass of their choice and then fill it back into the bottle so as not to have experienced the taste unicorn for the last time. Everything else would be wasted. An endless whiskey, so to speak. Enduring the years like the legend of the unicorn. In terms of value for money? Unbeatable. And because the unicorn symbolizes everything good, this also applies to the taste experience that shines in all the colors of the rainbow that this unicorn has to offer.

The best experts lined up to taste this unique bottling and they all came to the unanimous conclusion: This whiskey is fabulous! Other interpretations are therefore excluded. The Notes, recorded here in black and white for all time, are correct and no other. As we all know, experts are always right, so don't be bashed about anything that deviates from the tasting notes.

Cotes du Rhone rosé wine. Then primarily fairy dust. Very succinctly. So, the fairy dust. The longer you smell it, the more dominant it becomes. But the aroma is by no means one-dimensional.

In the background you can also see fairy dust, rose petals, hummingbird farts and above all fairy dust.

Gummy bears (mostly the red ones, but actually a mix of all, but definitely not the white one. Well, a mix of all without the white one. Nobody likes the white gummy bears... Well, honestly, they're not really bad, but they are, too not really good. That's why nobody really likes them. At least nobody ever said that there should be a single-variety bag of white gummy bears. Kind of like the Color-Rado mixture, where nobody really wants the confectionery... Otherwise it would Give out bags with only confectionery. Yes, there are pure confectionery bags. But please don't be fooled! A survey of designated gummy bears has shown that these types of bags are only bought because of the liquorice content.)
Candy Apple, Fairy Dust and Gummy Bears (not all Gummy Bears - see Palate).
Category Single Malt Whisky
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Volume 700ml
Alcohol Content 46.0%-vol
Age 6 years
Bottling Date 2021
Number of Bottles 823
Cask Type Sherry
Peat not smoky | unpeated
Filtration not chill filtered | non-chill filtered
Colouring without dyes | non colored
Distillery Ben Nevis Distillery, Lochy Bridge, Fort William PH33 6TJ, Scotland, United Kingdom
Bottler Signatory Vintage Co.Ltd.
Pitlochry, PH16 5JP, Scotland, United Kingdom
Importer / Distributor Cherry Spirits eK
Mackenstedter Str. 7, 28816 Stuhr, Germany
  • Ben Nevis - Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Die Ben Nevis-Brennerei ist eine Whisky-Brennerei in Fort William, Schottland. Die Destillerie liegt am Fuße des Ben Nevis, dem höchsten Berg der Britischen Inseln, der sich bis zu 1.345m über den Meeresspiegel erhebt.

    Die Brennerei liegt an der Küste der Western Highlands und bezieht ihr Wasser aus dem Allt a'Mhuilinn, der aus zwei Teichen auf dem Ben Nevis, Coire Leis und Coire na'Ciste, stammt.

    Die Brennerei wurde 1825 von "Long John" MacDonald gegründet, nach dem der berühmte Long John Blended Scotch benannt wurde. Nach Long John’s Tod im Jahr 1856 ging der Besitz dann an seinen Sohn Donald McDonald über.

    Zu Ehren seines Vaters nannte er den Single Malt „Long John's Dew of Ben Nevis“. Der Ruf des Whiskys wuchs beträchtlich, und Donald P. MacDonald baute in der Nähe eine neue Brennerei, die Nevis Distillery, um die wachsende Nachfrage nach mehr Produktion zu decken. Die Kontrolle über beide Brennereien blieb bis 1944 in den Händen der Familie MacDonald, bis Joseph Hobbs, Eigentümer sowohl der Ben Nevis als auch der Nevis Distilleries wurde.

    Nach dem Tod von Hobbs wurde Long John International Eigentümer, als sie 1981 die Ben Nevis Distillery kauften. Bis 1984 nutzte Long John Ben Nevis nur für die Lagerhaltung und die Versuchsproduktion. Im Jahr 1984 nahm Long John die Produktion wieder auf, schloss sie aber kurz darauf im Jahr 1986, als die Produktion in der gesamten Whiskyindustrie zurückging.

    Drei Jahre später, im Jahre 1989, kaufte das japanische Unternehmen Nikka Whisky Distillery Company die Ben Nevis Distillery. Seitdem befindet sich die Destillerie im Besitz der Japaner und der Whisky von Ben Nevis erfreut sich heutzutage wieder größter Beliebtheit.

    Der Klassiker, Ben Nevis 10, ist ein gefragter Single Malt Scotch Whisky, den man auf jeden Fall mal probiert haben sollte.

    To the Ben Nevis collection 
  • Signatory Vintage